The title of my new series is “This is how I dream”.

Early into my process, I had about four of these paintings completed. My oldest daughter came over to visit and I showed them to her. After I explained a bit about them, she said ‘This is how I dream’! I looked at her, and she said it was because of the filmy backgrounds, the colors, the way it does this (as she’s pointing) and does that (again, pointing at various places through the paintings)…..we do have our own language shortcodes. Understanding these paintings could be defined as dreamscapes, I stole her description. Because it was a great thought. And because it fits.

I did something different for the individual painting names. I found quotes that resonated and drew the names out from the meanings or the actual words. I do know about some of the people the quotes are attributed, but not all. Sometimes? It’s just about the quote.

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the faces:

I create earthy, raw artwork that is a tribute to the feminine, natural world. I am attracted to all that is spiritual, whether that includes my own beliefs, or the beliefs of others. This journey has led me thru the wonder and study of mythology, goddesses, spirits, and old faerie tales. The core of what I wish to illustrate and share is one of a spiritual connection….to the earth, to ideas, to self.

My paintings are a series of these reflections of nature, ideologies, and self. The earlier Faces paintings are more about a self-journey. My more recent creations are about the combined inward and outward connections of mind, body, and soulfulness. I’ve been told by others that they are drawn to the eyes. After that, they notice the textural elements and the personal messages drawn from the paintings. And I do find that the message is different from each viewpoint. One of the mysteries involved in painting these pieces is that I never know what someone else will see. I am always intrigued by this element of creating. The one where the viewer controls the dialogue they have with their connection to a piece.

If you would like to purchase any of these paintings, prices are included at the bottom of the painting story.

Custom Pet Portraits

I love doing pet portraits, especially when I can capture the expressions, or the soul of the furbaby.

And they all have their own little quirks that can be exhibited in their photos, and magically transferred to paint.

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please note that all reference photos are the property of my clients and are used with permission.