Are Artists Tortured?

  Maybe. The real answer is that some are, some aren't. I was asked several years ago why so many in my family are creative. My short answer was that I felt most artists have been broken. I should have thought about my answer longer, because it was too easy to...

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Dear Sir

Dear Sir, In addition to creating paintings, I work as a call center person. I like my job. In fact, I'm good at it. I enjoy helping people, getting their problems solved, and explaining things that confuse them. I like the people I work with, and the ones I transfer...

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“What it Can Become”

The painting above started out having one tree and some muted background. But some of the brushstrokes looked as if there was another tree in the foreground. Paint will sometimes create the unintended, so I’ve learned to go with it and not fight the flow.

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You are worth so much more

  Not too long ago, a friend told me they'd rather be with someone than be alone. (Ps? I paraphrased this thought, and I am not giving the context of the story, because it's not my story to tell). There was a time in my life that I felt the same way. I didn't...

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Some people are mirrors

  I'm not a huge believer in the theory that everything happens for a reason. Sometimes things just happen. But I do believe that people often appear in our life as mirrors. They are a mirror of what you were, what you are, or what you want to be. Rarely, you...

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‘Nature Heals’

And? Maybe it’s because I have painted so many faces, but…….does anyone else see two people (instead of tree trunks) holding up leaves and branches? And they’ve twisted around just enough to be looking directly at you?

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‘Nature’s Patience’

Nature waits years for trees to grow. Veggie seeds you throw into your garden seem to take forever. And have you ever planted fruit trees? You can wait 3-4 years before getting any of that fruit. So is this a lesson of patience or of frustration?

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Control and second chances

  Do you believe in second chances? For you, or for someone else? I didn't, but I do. In case you haven't noticed yet? I'm letting go of old beliefs. I'm opening my mind to change being possible. It's not easy, because, well? I've been known to be a bit stubborn....

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Don’t Second-Guess Yourself

  I'm extracting one sentence from a conversation I had with a friend to talk with you today: Don't second-guess yourself. We've all done it. You have this idea that is great, but remains just a thought. Because you talkĀ  yourself out of believing in your own...

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The power of positivity

  I admit it. I am among the first to cringe when happy, positive, feel-good messages become trendy. You can participate in seminars, take classes, and buy books. To learn to be positive. To allow yourself to be happy. Have we lost the ability to know happiness...

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I have a roommate

He's an old guy who doesn't contribute to the bills. He chooses to sleep half the day. I have to feed him before my first cup of coffee. And after my shower, I have to go for a walk with him. When I eat, he insists on some of my food, even though he had a complete...

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