I’m extracting one sentence from a conversation I had with a friend to talk with you today: Don’t second-guess yourself.

We’ve all done it. You have this idea that is great, but remains just a thought. Because you talkĀ  yourself out of believing in your own intuition. You talk yourself out of something because you lack the confidence to believe that your thoughts and feelings are the right ones to have. Or maybe it’s because you think you’ll look foolish exploring or believing in things other people will not understand. By lacking trust in yourself, you also get in your own way.

When I first started painting with acrylics, I was frustrated that my work wasn’t selling. Of course, hindsight tells me I didn’t find the correct audience when I changed the entire concept of my work. But I was impatient. I did a ton of research and found that most people were buying abstract art. I started doing abstract work. Now, it was good work, and it sold. In fact,I sold over 40 pieces in less than two years. So, success achieved, right?

No. Because my heart wasn’t into the work. The work became very mechanical. Art is about emotion, beliefs, feelings, growth, and ideas. It’s the reason I write so much on these topics. But my abstract work wasn’t filled with all that, and wasn’t sustainable. On the flip side of that, I can also do photo-realistic paintings. But I’m not happy in that genre either. My gut, my intuition, my happiness,lies in the genre of abstract realism.

This thought is where my faces project began. It’s been a slower process to find my audience, my tribe. Even slower because I read too many marketing books about *knowing your value and pricing accordingly*. It was another self sabotaging thing I did and priced myself out of the market of my followers……so I recently lowered my prices to something I can live with. And hopefully you can too.

But the essence of my conversation is this: I only truly regret decisions I’ve made when I went against my own instinct. When I listened to other opinions instead of my gut. Or when I second-guessed what I knew was the right thing to do. So I am working on listening to myself more. Thank you, friend.