About the art & the artist, Marie K Godwin

There’s a moment (that I hope?) everyone experiences. A moment when you realize that big mental thing, obstacle, hurdle, ugly path in life you never thought you’d see the other side of. Vanishes. The moment when you reach the top of that impossible journey and can finally see the other side. You’ve known that feeling, whether it has been the large or small successes in your life. The moment you feel the clarity breathing into your life, and say, yes. This. This is what I’ve been working for.

That is what I experience while creating.

I’m often asked what I think about while painting, and what influences my art.

The truth is that I struggle with what to say. I am an intensely private person and not intentionally “mysterious”. My art is about every mundane thing and every profound thing that goes on in my life. Instead of putting this all into words, I translate these experiences into visuals. The thoughts and experiences are continual. And it can sometimes take weeks before those thoughts are transmitted through paint.

So when someone asks what I was thinking while creating one painting? There is no one answer. It’s a lot of little answers, which is why I work in series. One painting cannot describe a thought process. It often takes several. And as you can see with my faces paintings, these explorations and thoughts can span years.

It’s almost comparable to a meditation. The results of that meditation is what you will see translated onto my canvas. The colors reflect where I am and where I wish to be. The dark and light, the bright and dull, represent the contrasts of my reality and what I feel inside. But there is always hope and a positive message in the end when the painting is complete.

I have tried to explain my paintings through the years and have never found quite the right words. Mostly I think it’s because I honestly didn’t know where they came from or why. They connect to nature and spirituality because I do. There are pieces of me. There are pieces of other people within my world. But, in the end? It’s a visual memoir, autobiography, confession. I can see that now, where it wasn’t so clear before.

So instead of struggling with what to say, and how to say it correctly? I have decided just to write. I have challenged myself not to overthink….and you really have no idea how difficult that is for me….and to just write. So  now? Maybe you will understand a bit more about my process, how I see things, what I witness, and how I feel….when I am painting, and when I’m not. Because all of these thoughts influence what I paint.


the short bio:

Born in Philadelphia, raised in Toms River, NJ. I now live and paint in the Columbus, Ohio area.

Education: Ohio State University,BA, 2005

I’ve been creating professionally since 1996.

what others say:

I love your artwork, the colors and the wonderful way you express the desired image. I have often found myself staring at the picture you painted for me and the way it makes me feel is wonderful and in sync with my craft. You have a gifted soul my friend. ~Anita, North Carolina

I love the women you paint because of their eyes. The eyes always seem to get my attention. The faces are really expressive. Your paper baskets are beautiful, too. I like those because they’re so unique and they look like they’d fit right in at my house ~Mel, Ohio


I love the earthiness, the freedom employed through your brush strokes. Your “green” woman, forget the name… evokes feelings of being close to or a part of the natural world. She is sensual and female and perhaps many of us would relate. I would love to have her in my world! Your baskets bring similar emotions to the surface. They are primal, made out of raw material that now serves a purpose and still brings us closer to our earth mother. Oh Marie, I love your work!! But you know that!!! ~Lotus, Oregon

earthy with a grounded feel. . . sometimes ethereal with a touch of mystery. Tangible goodness. ~Tanya, New York

Very lovely painting, such a pleasant seller, will buy from again. Thanks! ~ Caitlen

Great to work with! Sent the beautiful painting promptly and followed up too! ~Kara, Tennessee

Beautiful pieces, speedy shipping, smooth transaction, thanks!!!~ Jean, California

beautiful painting, well packaged, excellent international transaction, thanks!! ~ Jason, United Kingdom

Wonderful artist. Beautifully textured piece. ~Richard, Virginia

Beautiful piece. Fast Transaction. ~Clinton, California

Interesting artwork. Abstract without alienating one. Great pkging!! Fast delivery ~ Eileen, Tennessee

Gorgeous art!! Highly recommend. ~Patricia, Ohio

GREAT ARTWORK! ~Karen, Pennsylvania