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Wonderful artist. Beautifully textured piece.



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earthy with a grounded feel. . . sometimes ethereal with a touch of mystery. Tangible goodness.


New York

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Interesting artwork. Abstract without alienating one. Great pkging!! Fast delivery



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‘The Secret’

out different than I had seen in my mind. And sometimes the entire canvas is a secret until the paint decides what it’s going to do.

Featured on Artsy Shark!

I knew I was being featured on artsy shark sometime this year. But? I didn’t know when…..

So? On this one day of the year that I didn’t check my email early morning? I learned that today was/is the day!!

“What it Can Become”

The painting above started out having one tree and some muted background. But some of the brushstrokes looked as if there was another tree in the foreground. Paint will sometimes create the unintended, so I’ve learned to go with it and not fight the flow.

I love your artwork, the colors and the wonderful way you express the desired image. I have often found myself staring at the picture you painted for me and the way it makes me feel is wonderful and in sync with my craft. You have a gifted soul my friend.


North Carolina

beautiful painting, well packaged, excellent international transaction, thanks!!


United Kingdom

I love the earthiness, the freedom employed through your brush strokes. Your “green” woman, forget the name… evokes feelings of being close to or a part of the natural world. She is sensual and female and perhaps many of us would relate. I would love to have her in my world! …… Oh Marie, I love your work!! But you know that!!!